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Announcement: Running for MN Senate Seat, District 41

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

I am so excited and energized to announce my candidacy for MN State Senate for the open SD41 seat. I have long been an active behind-the-scenes supporter of our community and our DFL party. The idea of serving in a more public role was always in my mind. The time to act is now: I have the capacity and commitment to serve, the passion to do more for our community, and the experience to actually make things happen in our legislature.

Ross Meisner

This post is just the very first step of an ongoing dialog with you, the residents of SD41. I will tell you about myself, my values and priorities and experience, so you can be confident I will represent you fairly, openly, and assertively. More importantly, I want to learn more about you, because YOU are the reason I am running for office. I am not seeking to be a career politician, I’ve already had a couple fun careers in high-tech and the healthcare industry. I’m seeking a new way to serve, to give back to the vibrant community where my family and I have sunk deep roots over the last 20 years.

The announcement of the open senate seat was unexpected, but I’m jumping in with both feet and am ready to serve. This website and my Facebook Page are merely my first brief introductions, I look forward to sharing much more with you. You need to know who I am and why I want to earn the right to represent you.

Please see my press release I just sent out. Take a look and let me know your thoughts! You can contact me any way you prefer:

I am building my campaign team right now. I need your help, and am asking you to join me. If you believe I can do a good job as your Senator, please volunteer to help me get the word out. I’ve always been impressed with the political engagement across SD41, and I look forward to working with you all.

Thank you, and warmest regards,


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